15 January 2010

Haiti and imperialist charity

A contribution to a discussion list. The thread started with a BBC article:



[I wrote:]

Here's a not very good account of Haiti's history.


But it's enough to show how a rich and proud (successful liberation war against the French as early as 1790, third modern republic, first state to be run by african slaves who had freed themselves) nation can be gutted and ground into the dirt by the concerted political and economic efforts of great imperialist states - most recently and viciously the US. And their proxies - Papa and Baby Doc. It's a real life horror story made in America.

And made all the worse for the self-glorifying hypocrisy and inadequacy of the imperialist "rescue" effort. A few rich bankers lose some money and a lot of prestige, and billions are thrown their way. A whole capital city gets shaken to pieces and some crumbs are sent in too slowly and too late.

The population would need to arm itself, and organize self-help with the assistance of non-exploiting nations and organizations. Neighbouring Venezuela and Cuba spring to mind. And the Dominican Republic if its foreign minders would let it. Organizations like Medicins sans frontieres. The UN needs to be driven out like the imperialists. Imagine a bloated vampire giving blood drip tranfusions to its victims!

The racism and arrogance of "our" media celebrating "our" rich white charity makes me sick. So does the suffering we're seeing. Each Haitian is as valuable a human being as all of us on this list, and we should never forget it!

In horror and disgust,


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